** Brand New - Sole Trader Club

I am really excited to share this new offer with you. If you resonate with any of the following then keep reading:

  • New to the world of running your own business
  • Not sure when it comes to bookkeeping
  • Procrastinate over doing your bookkeeping
  • Find bookkeeping and tax returns daunting
  • Want to understand your finances
  • Would like more than to just drop your accounts off with an accountant

If you are a Sole Trader and want to learn about your business finances, have support of a qualified bookkeeper and be in a community with like minded Sole Traders then sign up below. 

My aim with this is to really support new and small Sole Traders when they need it the most! I have put together 2 affordable options. One is purely a membership only (cancel anytime) Sole Trader Club with a private facebook group and monthly trainings. My other which is Sole Trader PLUS  includes your 2021-22 tax return and your 2022-23 tax return being filed for you and a basic Xero Software. The PLUS membership is a 12 month commitment due to including 2 tax return filings but it is wrapped up into an affordable monthly package.  After 12 months of being on PLUS there will be other membership options available. 

Please note - if your tax return includes additional information to be submitted such as employed income or property income to name a few then please contact me as there will be a small additional charge. 

You should also be a non vat registered business when joining with turnover under £70,000 per year. If you are vat registered or turnover more than £70,000 per year please get in touch as I may have other more suitable packages for you. 


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