​Clear and professional bookkeeping & accounting services

What do we do?

Here at Clear Bookkeeping Ltd we provide more than just a traditional bookkeeping service. We take away the stress, worries, dread and time constraints of doing it yourself. We provide all the expected bookkeeping services you would expect like reconciling the bank, entering invoices and filing the VAT etc. What we take pride in, is how we do everything in 'real-time' which results in consistency.  These figures are then relayed to you during our monthly meetings once the month has been closed off in a clear and precise manner. We can then discuss up to date figures, reviewing budgets, cash flow and targets.

What’s the process?

Transactions are updated weekly by utilising software such as Xero and Dext. This allows invoices and receipts to be uploaded immediately via many different methods, one of which is a phone app. We then keep you up to date on any missing items whilst they are fresh in your mind not 18 months later when you can’t remember the transaction, let alone what it was you bought or where the receipt might be! 

Behind the scenes we will process the data to ensure that all the transactions are in the right places, control and bank accounts are reconciled and vat claimed if applicable.
We then use this information when we meet with you each month (more often if you like) to talk about how your business is progressing, discuss any improvements that can be made to streamline your processes or make them more efficient. We can discuss any plans you may have for growth and the future of your business, whilst having your monthly and year to date figures in front of us to understand your financial position. Together we then determine what steps you need to take in order to meet your business goals and aspirations.

Where are we?

We are located in West Moors, Dorset

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