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What do we do?

Here at Clear Bookkeeping Ltd we provide more than just a traditional bookkeeping service. Yes we do your VAT, payroll, CIS, bank reconciliations, Self-Assessments, set up systems so you can get your receipts and invoices submitted to us with ease, help liaise with HMRC etc but we also take away the stress, worry and time constraints that come with managing your finances in your business. If you would like a professional, friendly and plain speaking apprach to your finances then we would love to help.

How do we do it?

After the initial Discovery call (where we find out if we would be a good fit and discuss the price for the services you require) and sign-up, we will go through an onboarding process. The onboarding service is normally one session per week until everyone is happy with the system and everything is running smoothly. This is usually completed in 2–4 sessions.

During the onboarding sessions, we will review and then put in place a system and process so that all the required documents can be easily submitted. This could mean that we actually manage your accounts inbox or set up forwarding rules so invoices can automatically be sent to Dext (our invoice and receipt processing system). You will also likely have the Dext app downloaded to your phone so you can take snapshots of receipts on the go. It's super easy, and we run through several tests to ensure you are happy with the software and system.

Once we have your documents flowing through to us, we will access Dext and Xero (accounting software) as and when required as per our agreement (this could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or just monthly) and process all of the invoices/receipts. We ensure items are coded correctly, VAT is claimed accurately, the bank is reconciled, and we prepare a list of queries and missing items which will be emailed to you. If you have additional services like supplier payment runs, payroll, or management reports, there will be additional steps that we undertake.

If you have a question at any point, you can email, call, or even WhatsApp us.

If you are signed up for any of our management or business reporting packages, this will normally include a meeting and financial documents. We might look at whether the business is making a profit, how to make it more profitable, what your growth plans are, and how that may affect the cash flow. Together, we then determine what steps you need to take in order to meet your business goals and aspirations.

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We are located in West Moors, Dorset

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