What do we do?

Clear Bookkeeping Ltd is here to provide you with a range of Bookkeeping Services that can give you streamlined, accurate and real-time information.

  • Do you struggle to find time to keep your paperwork up to date and end up using up your weekend just so you can get that VAT Return or Tax Return submitted?
  • Not even sure where to start with bookkeeping and record keeping, maybe you're setting up and need some help and advice?
  • Are you a larger company who doesn't want the responsibility of finding and training an employee Or you just don't have the space in your office to have someone come in to do the accounts?
  • Don't seem to have as much money coming in as you should? No credit control system?
  • Not a clue when it comes to HMRC or Companies House and being compliant?
  • Just hate paperwork?
  • Want to understand where your business is currently and what you need to do to get it where you want to be?

How we can help:

We help you stay fully compliant making sure no deadlines are missed.

  • We keep your paperwork up to date - in real time giving you 24/7 access to your financial information.
  • We love systemising and streamlining meaning any paperwork is kept in strict order.
  • With a specialism in helping companies stay compliant with VAT we make sure you claim everything.

Who are we and what do we love?

My journey started working in a bank where I met my other half. A few years in and I knew I wanted to work with money and figures but did not feel the bank was the place for me. Accountancy and Bookkeeping had always been an interest, so I made the change to study bookkeeping which I loved. Once I had my qualifications, I moved to working in accounts departments within a few small companies, gaining various experience in all roles of bookkeeping and monthly accounting. This really solidified my knowledge and keen interest in not just bookkeeping but putting systems in place, streamlining, monthly reporting and so much more. I became a fully qualified bookkeeper and practice licence holder of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers in 2011 and more recently a Fellow with them. So in 2011 I took the plunge and I started up my own business - Clear Bookkeeping Ltd and I have never looked back!

I have a passion for numbers, systems, spreadsheets, organisation and any apps or software that makes our lives easier. I enjoy setting up new systems and supporting new and existing businesses, helping them thrive and grow and I am proud to be part of their success.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, we love being outside walking and hiking with our dog Teddy. Back in 2017 we walked up Ben Nevis, and ever since I have been saying I will do Snowdon next, but still haven’t got round to it, maybe I will this year?!

I also spend a lot of my time at the yard with my two horses Lancelot and Paddy. I have owned my New Forest Stallion, Lancelot since he was 3 years old and he’s now nearly 19! (wow that makes me feel old!) Paddy is new to the family and is a beautiful Highland pony all the way from Scotland. 

If you’re looking for someone to make a difference to your business and give you the support you need, then please get in touch!

Aleatha Nash






We are a little different...

Here at Clear Bookkeeping Ltd we are a little different we understand that not everyone will fit perfectly into 1 of 3 boxes, you either end up paying for things you maybe don't need/want or the feature you really want is on the highest level package just out of your budget!

We offer 3 packages
but on the Premium and Ultimate packages you get to choose your most relevant service add-ons to you and your business. The number of Add-ons you get will depend on the package you choose.

Doing it this way you can get exactly what you and your business requires.

If you happen to need more than the allocated Add-Ons - don't worry you can add them at an additional cost.

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Practice Number: 11160

Where are we

We are located in West Moors, Dorset

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Phone us on 07841482322 or send us a message.

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