Limited Companies

Running a limited company is more involved and has more requirements than a sole trader. As a director of a limited company you are legally responsible for your Company records, accounts and performance. This will involve:

  • Following the company's rules
  • Keeping company records
  • Reporting changes
  • Filing your company accounts and your company tax return
  • Telling other shareholders if you might personally benefit from a transaction the company makes
  • Pay any corporation tax due
  • Register for self assessment and send a personal self assessment tax return each year.

How we can help:

If you choose Clear Bookkeeping Ltd to look after your bookkeeping we will keep your business financially on track. By monitoring day to day transactions we can help you keep to budgets, producing reports for you to keep up to date with your cash flow.

We can submit your VAT returns and manage your Payroll, leaving Clear Bookkeeping Ltd to concentrate on your numbers, means you have extra time to concentrate on your business operations.

We work alongside an amazing accountant and we can take everything 'in house' for you, depending on the size of your business. If you prefer we can recommend an accountant for you, or work alongside your current accountant. We work with you to suit your requirements.

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