Top 5 tips for finding the right bookkeeper

With the pandemic still hanging over us it can be difficult to find the right workforce, but most bookkeepers are used to working virtually anyway, we were doing it long before Coronavirus! We’re pro’s!

Whether you have been looking after your own books or you are looking to change your bookkeeper, we have the tips you need to ensure you find the right person to look after your accounts.

Here at Clear Bookkeeping we love working with our existing clients and really enjoy building relationships with our new comers. We believe that it’s necessary that we click and that communications flow easily between us.

So our first tip is:

1. Find someone you know you’re going to get along with, someone you can trust. The best way of doing this is via word of mouth, ask around and see if anyone you know uses a bookkeeper. If not check out the bookkeepers’ reviews. Arrange to have a chat with them preferably via a Zoom call so that you can meet them face to face. You should know instantly if you’re going to get along with someone. You also need to make sure that they are going to be jargon free, you need to understand what’s going on with your finances. They need to be open and honest and clear in their reporting.

2. Ensure the bookkeeper you chose meets your business requirements. Some bookkeepers specialise in particular types of businesses, maybe they just deal with Sole Traders, or just concentrate on particular business sectors. Here at Clear Bookkeeping Ltd, we cater for the needs of most small to medium sized businesses in a range of industries. We specialise in helping clients who want to understand and make their figures work, rather than the clients who just want to handover a box of receipts once a year and have no desire to change their process. If you are that shoe box client but want to change we can help! Whether you are a start up or fully grown we want to help.

3. Check out their qualifications. Make sure you look for an accredited Bookkeeper, they should be able to provide details of their practice license. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence of their qualification(s), after all you’re putting your finances in their hands. We have been accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) since 2011 and more recently became a Fellow member which we are very proud of!

4. Find a Bookkeeper who is up to date with Technology and Software. This will make your life so much easier! If your bookkeeper can offer you software which means you can become paper free, that will relieve so much stress! No more last minute search for screwed up pieces of paper to make sure you claim your expenses. We use software such as Xero, Dext and Fluidly which helps keep track of your finances and cash flow in real-time.

5. Choose someone who is proactive and reactive. This means your bookkeeper will take action on your behalf and deal with discrepancies and queries without necessarily having to get you involved. Chasing outstanding payments and resolving invoice queries will be a load of your mind. If they act as your agent with HMRC this will be a great advantage to you, no more time wasted on phone calls! A good bookkeeper should find ways for you to save money and help your business become more streamlined and efficient.

If you’re struggling to find the right bookkeeper then book a call with us! We would love to have a chat and hear more about your business aspirations.


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