Top 6 reasons why we should turn to exercise to improve our mental health

During lockdown it became apparent to us all how exercise played an important part in our mental health and wellbeing. With the majority of the population having to work from home, schools closing and being told we could only leave the house once per day and only for essential reasons, many of us took to taking a daily walk to get out of the same 4 walls.

When you’re working in a busy office environment there are more distractions to get you up and walking around. Whether it’s a walk down to the communal kitchen or a toilet break, walking to the printer on the other side of the office or a nice stroll with colleagues at lunch time to get some fresh air, these distractions are no longer with us. It can be very easy to just sit at your desk all day without moving but this is really not good for your posture or your mental health.

With many businesses seeing the advantages of people working from home, this will now be the norm for a lot of people. So let’s have a look at why making time for exercise is important.

  • Exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and stress, it releases chemicals in the brain that encourage positivity, improving your mood and giving your self-esteem a well needed boost.

  • Exercise Improves concentration by encouraging more oxygen to the brain

  • Exercise regulates your heart rate so that you feel more relaxed to get a better nights sleep

  • A change of environment in order to exercise can help you to de-stress. Removing yourself from a stressful situation can give you a different perspective and clear your mind.

  • Choose exercise which you enjoy - It doesn’t need to be a high intensity work out, taking a stroll around your local park can be just as satisfying. Having something which you look forward to doing will keep you motivated and focused. 

  • Exercise increases your energy levels and stamina, keeping you more alert and ready to take on new challenges.

Our mental health is critical to us and it can also affect our physical health too. Exercise alone of course will not solve all your issues, but it plays a very important part, so make sure you take the time out to exercise and have time for yourself. For further advice or support on mental health please visit


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